Monday, April 30, 2007

Climbing in Leavenworth

We started off our travels with a trip to Leavenworth to visit some family (Dave & Diana). Dave and Diana are both huge rock and mountain climbers, and they spent the weekend giving us a taste for their passion. On Saturday we did two climbs at Peshastin Pinnacles. The first climb was supposedly more difficult (if you know climbing rating it was a 5-8, I think), but the climb was relatively short, so it didn't seem that bad. Then we did a second climb that was technically less challenging, but it was a lot longer, with a much bigger ascent, about 120 ft. I (Becca) was scared shitless and started crying about half way up, but I wanted to show myself (and everyone else) that I could do it, so I just kept going. I actually have a pretty good feel for climbing; I think that it is all of the tree climbing that I did as a kid - I just don't like the heights. Kimbal did pretty well too - it took him a few climbs to get the hang of it, but he wasn't scared, like me. The second day we did some small climbs in Icicle Valley. They were shorter, and hence more fun for me (no tears). I learned to rappel myself that day, Kimbal already knew how. Overall it was a very fun weekend and the climbing was an experience that I will always remember!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2 weeks worth of beard.

Well, now that Im unemployed, I thought Id grow a beard. This picture was taken a few days ago when it had been growing for 2 weeks.